Abbreviated CV


2013–2019 | PhD in Geological Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder

2006–2010 | Bachelor of Arts in Geology, Carleton College

Research appointments

2019–present | Postdoctoral Research Associate, INSTAAR, CU Boulder

2016–present | Visiting research associate, Trace and Environmental DNA Lab, Curtin University, Perth, Australia

2014–2019 | Graduate research assistant, INSTAAR, CU Boulder


Honors and Fellowships

2020–2022 | NSF EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship (co-funded by BIO)

2014–2019 | NSF Graduate Research Fellow

2017 | J. Hoover Mackin Award, Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology, Geological Society of America

2014–2015 | Geological Sciences Departmental Fellowship, CU Boulder

2013 | Dean’s Fellowship, CU Boulder

2010 | Magna cum Laude, Carleton College

2010 | Phi Beta Kappa, Carleton College chapter

2010 | Distinction in Major, Carleton College

2010 | Distinction in Senior Integrative Exercise, Carleton College Geology Department

2010 | Jefferson Natural Sciences Teaching Award, Carleton College

2009–2010 | Duncan Stewart Fellow, Carleton College Geology Department

2009 | Patricia V. Damon Scholar, Carleton College

Peer-reviewed publications

Crump, S.E., Miller, G.H., Young, N.E., Briner, J.P., and Pendleton, S.L., 2020, Glacier expansion on Baffin Island during Early Holocene cold reversals: Quaternary Science Reviews. DOI:10.1016/j.quascirev.2020.106419

Young, N.E., Briner, J.P., Schaefer, J.M., Miller, G.H., Lesnek, A.J., Crump, S.E., Thomas, E.K., Pendleton, S.L., Cuzzone, J., Lamp, J., Zimmerman, S., and Caffee, M., 2020, Reply to Carlson (2020) comment on “Deglaciation of the Greenland and Laurentide ice sheets interrupted by glacier advance during abrupt coolings”: Quaternary Science Reviews. DOI: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2020.106329

Young, N.E., Briner, J.P., Miller, G.H., Lesnek, A.J., Crump, S.E., Thomas, E.K., Pendleton, S.L., Cuzzone, J., Lamp, J., Zimmerman, S., Caffee, M., Schaefer, J.M., 2020, Deglaciation of the Greenland and Laurentide ice sheets interrupted by glacier advance during abrupt coolings: Quaternary Science Reviews. DOI:10.1016/j.quascirev.2019.106091 ​


Larsen, D.J., Crump, S.E., Abbott, M.B., Harbert, W., Blumm, A., Wattrus, N.J., and Hebberger, J.J., 2019, Paleoseismic evidence for climatic and magmatic controls on the Teton fault, WY: Geophysical Research Letters. DOI:10.1029/2019GL085475

Crump, S.E., Miller, G.H., Power, M., Sepúlveda, J., Dildar, N., Coghlan, M., and Bunce, M., 2019, Arctic shrub colonization lagged peak postglacial warmth: Molecular evidence in lake sediment from Arctic Canada: Global Change Biology. DOI:10.1111/gcb.14836

Pendleton, S.L., Miller, G.H., Lifton, N., Lehman, S.J., Southon, J., Crump, S.E., Anderson, R.S., 2019, Rapidly receding Arctic Canada glaciers revealing landscapes continuously ice-covered for more than 40,000 years: Nature Communications. DOI:10.1038/s41467-019-08307-w

Anderson, R.S., Anderson, L.S., Armstrong, W.H., Rossi, M.W., Crump, S.E., 2018, Glaciation of alpine valleys: the glacier - debris-covered glacier - rock glacier continuum: Geomorphology. DOI:10.1016/j.geomorph.2018.03.015

Crump, S.E., Anderson, L. S., Miller, G. H. and Anderson, R. S., 2017, Interpreting exposure ages from ice-cored moraines: a Neoglacial case study on Baffin Island, Arctic Canada: Journal of Quaternary Science, v. 32, p. 1049–1062. DOI:10.1002/jqs.2979

Pendleton, S.L., Miller, G.H., Anderson, R.S., Crump, S.E., 2017, Episodic Neoglacial expansion and rapid 20th century retreat of a small ice cap on Baffin Island, Arctic Canada, and modeled temperature change: Climate of the Past, v. 13, p. 1527­–1537. DOI:10.5194/cp-13-1527-2017

Titus, S.J., Crump, S., McGuire, Z., Horsman, E., and Housen, B., 2011, Using vertical axis rotations to characterize off-fault deformation across the San Andreas fault system, central California: Geology, v. 39, p. 711–714. DOI:10.1130/G31802.1


Research Grants

2019 | National Geographic Society Support for Women & Dependent Care grant ($3,980)

2018 | CU Nature, Environment, Science & Technology Studio for the Arts grant ($2,500)

2017 | NSF Arctic Systems Science grant #1737712 (proposal contributor and named Postdoc; $2,290,769 total budget)

2017 | National Geographic Society Early Career Grant ($5,000)

2017 | Charles A. & June R.P. Ross Research Fund, Geological Society of America ($3,643)

2016 | NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant ($15,999)

2016 | NSF GRFP Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide – Australia ($5,000 + $12,000AUD)

2015 | Dean’s Graduate Student Research Grant, University of Colorado ($9,995)

2015, 2016 | Spetzler Research Grant, CU Geological Sciences ($4,000)

2015 | Geological Society of America graduate student grant ($1,875)

2014, 2017 | Beverly Sears Graduate Student Research Grant, University of Colorado ($2,000)

2014 | Arctic Institute of North America Grant-in-Aid ($1,000)

2014 | Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research ($1,000)

2013 | Mentorship Grant, CU Geological Sciences ($1,000)


Fall 2020 | Course instructor, Global Change: An Earth Science Perspective (GEOL 1060), CU Boulder

2014–2017 | Tutor, Introductory Geology tutoring room, CU Boulder

2013–2014 | Course instructor, Introduction to Geology Lab (field- and lab-based), CU Boulder

Summer 2014, 2015 | Field Geology Instructor, CU Science Discovery Summer Camp

2010–2011 | Naturalist Instructor, Widjiwagan Outdoor Learning Program, Ely, MN

Fall 2009 | Teaching Assistant, Plate Tectonics, Carleton College

Spring 2009 | Teaching Assistant, Geology in the Field, Carleton College

Spring 2008 | Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Geology, Carleton College

Guest lecturer: Geomorphology (GEOL 4241, CU Boulder), Global Change (GEOL 1060, CU Boulder), Paleoclimatology (GEOL

4070, CU Boulder), Intro Geology (GEOL 1010, CU Boulder)


Selected Outreach and Service

2020 | Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee member, INSTAAR, CU Boulder

2019 | Postdoctoral representative, INSTAAR Directorate, CU Boulder

2018–2019 | Graduate student representative, INSTAAR Directorate, CU Boulder

2017–2019 | Values and Ethics Committee member, CU Boulder

2017–2019 | Student Representative, Geological Society of America Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division

2016–2018 | President, Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) group, CU Boulder

2015–2016 | Grant committee member, WiSE group, CU Boulder

Spring & Fall 2014 | Volunteer scientist, Earth Explorers 501(c)3 nonprofit, Boulder, CO

Fall 2013 | Annual Meeting Student Committee member Geological Society of America

Conference session organizer for: AGU 2019 (“B530: Mapping Biodiversity Through Space and Time”); GSA 2018 (“T56: From Alpine Glaciers to Ice Sheets”)

Reviewer for: NSF, GSA Graduate Student Grant program, Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research; Thalassas; Journal of Mountain Science


Short Courses, Workshops, Certifications

  • Sedimentary Ancient DNA Cyberinfrastructure Workshop (virtual; 2020)

  • Engaged Scientist Workshop: Communication tools for effective outreach (CU Boulder; 2019)

  • CU WiSE SciComm Symposium Writing Workshop (2019)

  • Paleo to Policy Workshop (UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory; 2019)

  • Communicating Science Conference (ComSciCon) Rocky Mountain West (2017)

  • Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology (Urbino, Italy; July 2014)

  • Wilderness First Responder (Wilderness Medical Institute/NOLS; 2007–2015)

  • NSF Arctic Field Training (2013)

  • Polar Bears: A Guide to Safety (CH2Mhill Polar Services; 2013)


Field experience

  • 2013–2019: seven field seasons on Baffin Island, Arctic Canada; lake sediment coring, instrumenting lake catchments, moraine boulder sampling for exposure dating, glaciological data collection.

  • 2014–2020: eight field campaigns in Grand Teton National Park, WY; lake sediment coring, landslide and moraine boulder sampling for exposure dating.

  • 2008–2009: various field trips in MN, WI, MI, and CA; Carleton College.

  • 2007–2010: five summers as wilderness canoe guide in northern MN and Canada; YMCA Camp Menogyn

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